$ 161.02

Higher cold current value (CCA) for improved cold start characteristics

Unbeatable cost/weight saving ratio

Mountable in any position, as it does not contains acid

Safe technology and long life1 kg lighter than lead-acid battery 773110530001.6 kg lighter than lead-acid battery 58511053000Technical data:12 V maintenance-free LiFePo4-batteryCapacity 2.0 Ah

Recommended charging current - 2.5 amps

Maximum charge current for fast charging - 10 amps

Fast charge with high charging current (up to 90% in 10 min)Very low self-discharge (max. 5% per month)Balanced discharge/charge of all cells through balancer

Contains no heavy metals

When mounting on 125 motocross and 4-stroke motocross models of the model years 2016 to 2018, the battery compartment 79011955044 is also required.